Visalia Farmers Market

Visalia Farmers Market – – Visalia Farmers Market is a jewel in the local community here in Visalia. It truly is the best farmers market around. Friendly farmers, delicious fresh produce, talented artisans, live music – so much to love! The market first contacted me about creating a market map, and then about refreshing their[…]

Cobblestone Farm

Cobblestone Farm – – Cobblestone Farm specializes in the breeding and training of charming and talented Connemara Ponies. These ponies originated in Ireland and are an athletic, intelligent type of large pony. The farm already had a very basic website but contacted me about a redesign in order to gain a more professional online showcase[…]


Science-Dipity – – Science-Dipity provides science enrichment education opportunities to Tulare County and beyond. Mr. Tim Baker is an experienced educator who has developed Science-Dipity in hopes of bringing hands-on science into the classroom, community, and the world. We started his website as an attractive, playful informational web presence for promoting the SciDip brand. The site has helped Mr.[…]

Pet MatchMaker Rescue

Pet MatchMaker Rescue – – PMMR is an incredibly dedicated animal rescue located in Kern county. Pet MatchMaker’s goal is to save dogs from death row and reduce the euthanasia rate in Kern County. Kern county has an especially high rate of animal neglect and abuse in their communities. PMMR started out with a very basic site and[…]

Soar College Planning

Soar College Planning – – Soar College Planning is an amazing Visalia local business that caters to students and families in assisting them with the daunting college admissions journey. Planning for, and getting into, a good college is always overwhelming and can even seem unattainable. Soar has the knowledge and experience to help students[…]

Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center

Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center – – ERCLC is a charter school for homeschool families, located in Visalia, CA. The school was in need of an updated layout, new copywriting and information, and improved accessibility and functionality in their website. The site now serves as informational to both future students and families currently homeschooling with the[…]

Central Valley Harness Association

Central Valley Harness Association – – CVHA is a unique equestrian driving club located in the central valley of California. The club newsletter editor is a longtime client of mine and she contacted me about the redesign of their website. The old site needed updating and had several technical issues that needed fixed as well. The[…]