February 20, 2017


Of course! We can do a full-blown redesign or just spiff it up with custom colors, layout, and graphics. Whatever graphics, special features, or personalization you want to add to your current web presence – I can make it happen!

I am affiliated with an environmentally responsible web hosting provider. They are powered by 300% renewable energy, in addition to being fast and affordable. I can help you get set up with hosting (a place for your new website to live), and a new domain name (your website’s address). If you already have your own hosting/domain, we can possibly work with what you have, or migrate your account. All billing responsibility for hosting and domain/s remains with the client. I am always available for advice and support with hosting.

Yes, I do. I do not currently print items in-house, but am partnered will multiple print houses that can meet your needs. From business-cards, stickers, brochures – to banners, posters, even clothing, and more. If you need custom made, high-quality, printed products – I can help!

50% of total estimated cost will be required prior to the project start date – with the remaining balance due upon completion and acceptance of all deliverables. For future maintenance and design needs, an hourly rate of $50 will be billed as services are rendered. Payment can be made online with PayPal which accepts all major credit cards – or with cash or check.

This will depend on the details of the project – and a few other things. Deadlines are something busy designers strive to achieve, and my client’s project goals are important to me. In addition to the desired deadline, other things to consider are my current workload of other projects, and the rate of communication between involved parties. Prompt communication with clear objectives and expectations will allow for ease of project creation, completion, and ultimate launch.

I would really need to learn more about your specific project in order to accurately answer this. For certain projects – such as logo design and website design – I usually provide an outlined project proposal with a detailed estimate, so that the client has a clear idea of the budget involved. For other types of services and smaller projects – such as t-shirt design and website maintenance – I charge my hourly fee of $50.00 an hour. My rates are very competitive with what many design agencies charge. Nerdy Pony Design offers more than fair market value, and never skimps on quality.